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For those that are looking to join specific SIG lists, you can find them here:
Build SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-build
Content SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-content
Core SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-core
Docs SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-docs-community
Graphics-Audio SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-graphics-audio
Networking SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-network
Platform SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-platform
Release SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-release
Security SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-security
Testing SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-testing
UI/UX SIG: https://lists.o3de.org/g/sig-ui-ux

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