Help Select New O3D Logo Design

claire massey

Hello O3DE community,

Some news! 

We are in the process of redesigning the O3D family of logos and would like your input to help influence the final design decision. This includes logos for Open 3D Foundation (O3DF), Open 3D Engine (O3DE) and the annual Open 3D Conference (O3DCon). 

Royal and I have been working closely with the Linux Foundation's design team to create new logo concepts. After reviewing and refining several different options, we have distilled it down to two logo designs to choose between.

Next Thursday, March 17, the O3DF Governing Board will be asked to vote to make the final logo selection. However, between now and then, we would like to gather input from the broader O3DE community to help influence the board’s decision. 

Please review the two proposed logo designs and complete this poll by March 16 at 9:00am PT to select your top choice:

As soon as we have the final logo selected by the Governing Board we will be able to start publicly promoting the 2022 O3DCon event, ramp up other visible O3DE marketing activities and update the logo across all of the O3D web properties.

Thank you for participating in this process!

Claire Massey
Senior Program Manager, O3DF
The Linux Foundation 
Mobile: 210-413-5060