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O3DE Marketing Kick-Off Meeting

2:00pm to 3:00pm
(UTC-07:00) America/Los Angeles

Virtual; Discord "Open 3D Foundation" server; voice channel "Meeting Room"

Organizer: Doug Erickson dougeric@...

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(Will be held on the Open 3D Foundation Discord server, channel VOICE CHANNELS > Meeting Room)

As we head towards O3DECon and the new calendar year, it’s critically important that we start planning and delivering marketing strategies, calendars, and materials for the O3DE governing board to potentially fund and resource. O3DE has a marketing budget, but we need technically savvy, diverse leaders to, well, determine how it should be used by making informed recommendations and plans to use it.

O3DE would love your contribution in this capacity. The initial agenda will cover:

  • Quick introductions
  • The charter and overall goals of the O3DE Marketing Committee
  • Define the top current priorities for O3DE Marketing
  • General leadership voting or volunteering (if needed)
  • How we collaborate (communications and channels, file sharing, etc)
  • Discuss overall press strategy
  • Discuss perceived gaps
  • Urgent O3DE needs – O3DECon, blogs, general comms cadence

This committee will be responsible for a number of critical parts of the overall public-facing O3DE experience, including:

  • Defining website needs (messaging and technical)
  • Events and calendar(s): Scheduling, management, publicization, and support
  • Recruitment from the community for contributions, such as blogs, videos, speaking engagements, training, etc
  • Development of marketing materials or the planning of them
  • Press releases and press-friendly materials
  • General public communications about the current state and future of O3DE and the community
  • Release Notes and technical announcements
  • <any others? I discussed this briefly with Royal as a charter starting point, but we should come together as a committee to lock this down>

If you’d like to support this effort, join this call! Notes and sign-ups will be posted to