Event: O3DE UI-UX design review and office hours - 04/06/2022 #cal-reminder

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Reminder: O3DE UI-UX design review and office hours

10:00am to 11:00am
(UTC-07:00) America/Los Angeles

Discord - SIg-UX-UI voice channel

Organizer: Joshua Rainbolt, Yuyi Hsu rainbj@..., yuyihsu@...

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Hi O3DE Community,

We want to invite you to our UX design review and office hours. This is a bi-weekly meeting and we will cover the following items from the UI-UX SIG.

  • UI-UX SIG team will show some of the O3DE workflows that are currently in-progress.
  • UI-UX SIG will provide feedback to other UX designers about their O3DE designs.
  • UI-UX SIG will provide feedback to the community about O3DE work they are working on.
  • Will have open conversations about UX/UI related problems coming down the pipeline.
  • Discuss UX tickets

  • The Sig UX-UI meeting (Triage and UX updates) will be on every other Wednesday at 10-11pm PST
  • The design review/Office hours will be on the opposite weeks. 
  • This means every Wednesday we have something fun for UX going on.

How do I sign up get feedback?
  1. You can sign up by going to https://github.com/o3de/sig-ui-ux/issues 
  2. Find the specific event you are interested in attending and getting feedback on.
  3. In the comment section of that ticket place the details you would like to talk about.
    1. Please include your name and/or Discord Name
    2. The area of topic you would like to cover
    3. The amount of time you might need to review this topic
    4. Any individuals you have been already working
    5. Any specific people you would like to attend this session for help.

How can I use office hours:

  • Request a "sign-off" on your project from the UI-UX SIG.
  • Usability/UX review of your designs/mock-ups.
  • Discuss certain customer pain points or UX related topics.
  • Brainstorm ideas or solutions to a user problem or feature.
  • Submit user research or UX design requests.

What should I bring to the office hour:

  • Nothing is required but the following items would be helpful
    • A brief project overview or documentation, This should include the following
      • A simple user problem statement. As a user I want to solve this problem...
      • Who is your audience? Who are the users/user groups affected by the change?
      • What is your vision behind this change or update?
      • What is your UX issue related to:  user interface, usability testing, learnability, documentation etc?
    • Materials/Workflows of the existing product. Sketches or wire-frames of ideas. PR/FAQ are also help.

Cut-off time / cancellation

  • The UI-UX SIG Office Hours is sign-up based. We will check the topics 24 hours before the scheduled office hour, if no one signs up in the session, we will lock down the agenda of that day.
  • If you are unable to attend after signing up, Please just reach out in discord or on the ticket to let us know about the change.