Event: UI-UX SIG: Bi-weekly meeting - 03/30/2022 #cal-reminder

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Reminder: UI-UX SIG: Bi-weekly meeting

10:00am to 11:00am
(UTC-07:00) America/Los Angeles

Discord - SIg-UX-UI voice channel

Organizer: Joshua Rainbolt rainbj@...,

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Hi O3DE Community,

We want to invite you to our Sig UX UI meeting. This is a bi-weekly meeting and we will cover the following items from the

What will we be covering?

  • Ticket triage - We will go through our ticket backlog and do prioritization and sorting
  • Review outstanding ticket assigned previously. 
  • Check in with designer about problems they are facing regarding tickets and if any help is required
  • Feedback from any research previously done regarding tickets.
  • Assign designers or UI-UX SIG members UX tickets. This includes deadlines and expectations of work completed. 
  • In some cases a show and tell may be required to talk through a pending issue or new feature. However we we’ll try to hold these for design critiques for every other Wednesday.
  • We will review status of Rev the engine. Any new findings, results, or feedback.
  • Close out tickets if completed.


  • The Sig UX-UI meeting (Triage and UX updates) will be on every other Wednesday
  • Time: 10:00am to 11:00am Pacific Time - Los Angeles (PDT) - (UTC-07:00)
  • Where: Discord - SIg-UX-UI voice channel
  • The design review/Office hours will be on the opposite weeks. 
  • This means every Wednesday we have something fun for UX going on.

How can I use the Bi-weekly meeting?

  • Please add any specific agenda items you would like to talk about to the ticket. https://github.com/o3de/sig-ui-ux/issues
    • We will address any agenda items first. These items should be related to outstanding tickets. 
  • This meeting is not about creating new tickets but reviewing and fixing outstanding tickets.
  • If you have speciality such as research, design, or a unique understanding of game development. Let us know so we can help facilitate where we can use your help the most.
  • Offer to be a note taker. We always need some help here. Facilitating a meeting and being a note taker can be tough, so any one willing to help will be appreciated. 
  • Offer to be a person willing to help put together agenda items and or review agenda items from previous meetings.

What should I bring to the bi-weekly meeting?

  • Nothing is required but the following items would be helpful
    • A list of ticket you are interested in addressing
    • An update on tickets you have been working on
    • Some prepared questions about the tickets you own 

Cut-off time / cancellation 

  • For the UI/UX bi-weekly meeting the UI-UX SIG team will check the GitHub Agenda item ticket 24 hours before the scheduled meeting, if no one signs up in the session, we will lock down the agenda of that day.
  • If you are unable to attend after signing up, Please just reach out in discord or on the ticket to let us know about the change.